Tony Miller ~ President

Tony completed his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology at Ryerson University in Toronto. He is currently pursuing an MA in philosophy at Ryerson University, with interests in political philosophy, ethics, and the history of philosophy. His major research project is looking at the moral psychology of individuals within Hobbes’ work. When not reading Hobbes or other old dead white men, Tony is sending off applications for PhD’s and other MA programs and spends time with his two cats Ana and Sherman.


Lisa Goulet ~ Social Chair

Lisa completed her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) at the University of Guelph-Humber. She graduated with distinction with a degree in Media Studies and a diploma in Public Relations. Lisa has a fond interest in Ancient Greek philosophy, specifically the Golden and Hellenistic ages, and usually draws on and makes connection to these ancient ideas when working through the more modern philosophies. Her areas of interest include political philosophy and policy structures, phenomenology, 20th century German and French philosophy, and, of course, Ancient Greek. Lisa is currently working on the phenomenology of mental disorders, specifically those based around delusion and the duality of selves within one embodied being drawing from philosophers such as Merleau-Ponty, Heidegger, Kristin Jacobson, and Plato. She hopes to develop a better understanding of the lived experience of individuals with mental illness in hopes of one day reworking social and public policies to reflect their true experience.


Jordan Wadden ~ Conference Coordinator

Jordan completed his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Religious Studies and Classical Studies, with minors in Economics and Music, at Bishop’s University. A jack of most trades, he is most at home in the fields of Ethics (particularly Virtue Ethics and Bioethics), Epistemology, and Social Philosophy. Jordan is currently working on a thesis project which aims to develop a virtue based alternative to Social Contract theory, grounded in ethical and epistemic interpretations of lived experience. He also sits on the Graduate Program Council and is the graduate contact for Ryerson’s Minorities and Philosophy chapter. Jordan is responsible for the 2017 Graduate Philosophy Conference: “Resistance, Broadly Construed”.


Christine Bell ~ Treasurer/ Secretary

Although originally from British Columbia, Christine completed her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with honours and distinction from Bishops’s University, Quebec. Her main focus is in Phenomenology and Existentialism. She is currently working on issues of Trust and Intersubjectivity. Christine enjoys cooking, animals, and friendship.


Jared MacAdam ~ Vice President

Jared completed his BA in Continental Philosophy (Honours) at King’s University College at Western University. His research project investigates Emmaneul Levinas’s work, particularly his implication on liberalism and the discussion around human rights. Outside of that he is also interested in phenomenology, ethics and political philosophy more broadly understood. He will be running the Colloquium series and maintaining this website. When not doing all of that, he is probably watching esports, talking to his bird, and trying to convince people to play weird board games.



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