Zachary Reimer – President

Zach completed his BA in social science at Providence University College and his BA in philosophy at Tyndale University College. Zach’s current research interests include the implications of theism on modality, moral responsibility, normative ethical theory, and epistemology. Zach focuses on sentimentalist and intuitionist moral theories and concepts of divine perfection and knowledge. His major research paper provides an objection to the argument from divine hiddenness via  an examination of divine love and optimal propositional attitudes for free created persons. 



Taylor Aitken – Vice President

Taylor received his BA in Philosophy and MA in Cinema Studies at the University of Toronto. He is interested, broadly, in the relationship between reason, language, and desire as understood by different philosophical traditions. His current research project investigates Ancient Greek logic, in particular Aristotelain dialectic and the significance of Aristotle’s logical works in the history of philosophy. Beyond this he maintains interests in the phenomenology of warfare and the influence of Spinoza and Hegel on recent French philosophy. Taylor also runs the Colloquium series and maintains this website.



Mitchell Wideman – Conference Coordinator

Mitchell Wideman is entering his second year of the MA Program at Ryerson University. He completed his undergraduate in Liberal Arts and Philosophy with a minor in Social Justice at Bishop’s University, where he wrote an undergraduate thesis on virtue ethics and social justice. He is currently working on the political philosophy of John Rawls with a specific focus on liberal socialism and the problem of extending democracy to the workplace.



Cailin Rooke – Social Chair

Cailin completed her BA at the University of Guelph with a double major in English and philosophy. She focuses on Hegelian conceptions of freedom, recognition, and ethical action. Her current research and artistic practice concentrate on Hegel’s aesthetics.



Sam Dzierzawa – Treasurer

Sam is currently a second year Master’s student at Ryerson University, having completed his BA at Concordia University. His current focus is on the phenomenology of Merleau-Ponty and the intersection of ontology and aesthetics, specifically as it relates to sound. He also composes music for film, dance, installation and video games.




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