Saturday March 6th 2021 | 12:25PM – 2:50PM

Introductory Remarks12:25PM – 12:30PM
Graduate papers20MIN PRESENTATION + 20MIN Q&A
P. Dopico | King’s College
“The human way of being social: the Young Marx and Species-Being”
12:30PM – 1:10PM
J. Atkins | Binghamton University
“Defining Wokeness”
1:20PM – 2:00PM
A. Cunningham | University of Calgary
“Reconciling Epistemic Paternalism and Epistemic Autonomy”
2:10PM – 2:50PM

Sunday March 7th 2021 | 12:55 PM – 4:00 PM

Introductory Remarks 12:55PM – 1:00PM
graduate papers20MIN PRESENTATION + 20MIN Q&A
A. Damirjian | Stockholm University
“Substituting Meanings for Fictions About the World’s Social and Ethical Structure”
1:00PM – 1:40PM
I. Shur | Georgia State University
“Problems of Parasocial Epistemology”
1:50PM – 2:30PM
keynote address50Min Presentation + 40Min Q&A
Dr. Tracy Isaacs | Western University
“The Part We Play: Social Group Categories as Roles”
2:40PM – 4:00PM