The Ryerson Graduate Philosophy Student Union invites you to attend our annual Graduate Philosophy Conference on March 16th, from 10am-5pm at the Oakham House. The topic of this year’s Graduate Conference is: Selfhood – A Dialogue Between Phenomenology and Neurocentrism.

A holistic conception of selfhood has yet to be reached, and the empirical ‘hard’ sciences remain straight-jacketed by the allure of what can be quantified. Why is it that attentiveness to one’s own experience is largely absent within the field of cognitive science? This conference seeks to address the demarcations created by the Western approach to questions of selfhood, to explore their merits, and discuss alternative approaches.

The Keynote Speakers will be:
– Dr. Mary Jeanne Larrabee from Depaul University on “Chasing the Ox: Phenomenology and the Truth(s) of Philosophy”

– Dr. Antoine Panaioti from Ryerson University on “The Substance-Self: Illusion, Delusion, or Philosopher’s Invention?”


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