Executive Officers

Jack Reddon – President

Jack is entering his second year of Ryerson’s Philosophy MA program. He received an Hon. BA in philosophy from Queen’s University in 2019. Jack has a broad interest in analytic philosophy and a particular interest in philosophy of mind. His research investigates differences between dispositional states and mental states.

Email: jreddon@ryerson.ca

Shane Brennan – Vice President

Shane is a second-year philosophy graduate student at Ryerson University, focusing on postmodernist and post-structuralist philosophy. Their undergraduate degree in philosophy is from Marist College of Poughkeepsie, NY, where they concentrated in contemporary metaphysics of science and causation. Their current interests in philosophy primarily revolve around psychoanalytic and Marxist analyses of pop culture and the micropolitical, and the focus of their MA research is on the works of Deleuze and Guattari. In their free time, they enjoy playing the works of John Fahey on guitar, cooking with friends, and exploring the Toronto club scene.

Email: shane.brennan@ryerson.ca

Joel da Silva ­– Conference Coordinator

Joel is entering his second year in the Master’s philosophy program at Ryerson University. Previously, he received an Hon. BA in philosophy from Wilfrid Laurier University. His philosophical interests are largely rooted in the analytic tradition, spanning: philosophy of mind, Hellenistic philosophy, ethics, metaphysics and political philosophy. His MA research focuses on John Rawls and how his political framework may be a suitable basis for implementing corrective racial justice.

Email: joel.dasilva@ryerson.ca

James Elder – Social Chair

James is a second-year graduate student at Ryerson University. He completed a double major in philosophy and political science at Western University in London, Ontario. His academic interests include existentialism and political philosophy. Outside of the classroom and the library, you can find James enjoying a fermented beverage at the Queen & Beaver or tree posing in a hot yoga class at Modo Yoga (his tree pose, by the way, is self-described as spectacular). He intends to shape (or pollute) the minds of his future students, whether in high school or university.

Email: james.elder@ryerson.ca

Darren Cheng – Treasurer

Darren is a second-year philosophy graduate student at Ryerson University. His main research interests are in political philosophy and ethics though he enjoys reading and discussing pretty much anything related to philosophy. He runs the Toronto Philosophy Meetup, a public philosophy group with over 6,000 members that’s hosted hundreds of  events. He is setting up a non-profit organization with a broader range of activities and programs to foster and promote a culture of philosophy in the city of Toronto.

Email: d1cheng@ryerson.ca