About Us

The Ryerson Philosophy Graduate Students’ Union (RPGSU) aims to develop the academic, personal, and professional development of the Ryerson philosophical community. As a student led organization, the RPGSU brings together students’ interests in way which encourages one another to further improve their work and lives as philosophers.

In particular, our monthly Colloquium series offers a chance for graduate students to present and receive feedback on original papers and thoughts from their peers; often resulting in engaging conversation and healthy debate. Moreover, our annual Philosophy Conference has earned a reputation for bringing forth constructive, academic criticism in a positive and hospitable manner. Both our Colloquiums and annual Conferences provide students with the opportunity to learn from one another in a direct and friendly manner, playing to the strengths of individual members of the graduate community.

The philosophy department also hosts a visiting speaker series which brings well known and well regarded thinkers from a number of different specialties to Ryerson for direct engagement with faculty and graduate students. These talks allow students to converse with some of the leading voices of the contemporary philosophical community. Given the strong analytic and continental presence in our department, for both faculty and graduate students, the Colloquiums and the visiting speaker series play equally to these interests.

Generous funding is available for those seeking to attend conferences, both within and outside of Canada. Conferencing is an excellent way both to present one’s philosophical insight to persons outside of the Ryerson community and to gain valuable networking experience.

With excitement about our academic and social pursuits planned for the 2019-2020 academic year, we welcome students new and old!

Natalie Martin

RPGSU Vice-President


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