Some Parting Thoughts

by Rachel Robinson

After a winter that seemed like it would never end, spring is finally here in Toronto. There’s something about seeing the flowers in bloom all over the city, going for bike rides and runs outdoors, and sitting on a patio enjoying the warm weather that makes spring feel like a time of beginnings and adventures. For those of us graduating from the program, we are catching glimpses of the new horizon of life after Ryerson Philosophy. Whether moving to a different city, embarking on a PhD or forging a career path outside of academia, there is a sense of uncertainty mixed with excitement buzzing in our lives.

These new projects bring with them a familiar set of questions: Will I be good enough? Smart enough? Determined enough to succeed? Yet despite our worries and fear of impostor syndrome, we can take pride and comfort in the fact that we have received the kind of training and support from our Graduate program that has prepared us for what lies ahead – whatever that may be. We leave Ryerson confident that the past two years have not been in vain, but have truly enhanced our perspectives. Through the time spent in seminars, colloquiums, house parties, pubs, the lounge, and our conference, we have created and nurtured a real community.

Whether we will directly or indirectly apply our knowledge of the Western Intellectual Tradition, doing philosophy is not something that ends with graduation.

We study timehave had the privilege of working with and learning from a group of talented professors and fellow students. The environment at Ryerson embodied the spirit of doing philosophy both inside and outside of the classroom. When philosophy is done properly, it is a life-changing, transformative experience.


We complete this program knowing that there are certain phrases, certain quotations, and certain ideas that will stay with us long after we have left our seats in the boardroom of 440.


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